Hello and thank you for your time to complete the below survey, all feedback is invaluable to us. The first set of images are our 90% Carbon series of sticks, these are our top of the range designs and are accented with silver embellishment. The second set contains the remaining sticks in our range, including the 70%, 50% and Junior Glassfibre sticks. 

Our sticks are available to you in three distinct bow shapes

  • Low bow / Red colour - 24mm bend, located 200mm from the head.
  • Pro bow / Blue colour - 24mm bend, located 250mm from the head.
  • Mid bow / Green colour - 24mm bend, located 300mm from the head

The final set of images show off our 70 Litre capacity Nomad holdall, made from waterproof pvc with numerous carry handles and shoulder straps. The Nomad comes complete with "stick carry technology", allowing you carry up to two sticks on the side of your bag, so you can play wherever you go.   

We hope you like our designs and if you have any questions or queries about the sticks, please send via email to adam@beikouhockey.com

Click to enlarge images below.

Stick designs *
Stick designs
Please have a look through the above images before answering the below questions. (Yes I wanted to have the images by the questions but it wouldn't let me..)
I really like the stick designs!
I like the different colours for each bow shape
I could easily tell the carbon % of each stick by the design
I would buy a certain stick due to its colour/design
These are the sticks with the silver pattern below the handle, available in Low, Pro and Mid bow shapes.
These are the sticks with the colour pattern below the handle, available in Low, Pro and Mid bow shapes.
Nomad Holdall *
Nomad Holdall
These questions relate to our 70l holdall, the bag has all the straps and handles you would expect, completed with two external straps to carry your sticks when required.
I would prefer to use a holdall over a stick bag
£45 is a fair price for this holdall
I would purchase a holdall