Beikou 2018

Welcome to the Beikou 2018 stick collection, sorry to keep you all waiting but we hope you'll agree its certainly worth the wait. 

New for 2018

  • Completely new Drag shape with deeper groove and thinner 3D head shape.

  • Improved layup (order and orientation of composites) with increased hitter power.

  • New grips with thinner anti-shock foam, ensure you never loose control

2018 bow shapes

Drag: 24mm bow at 200mm, featuring thin head profile and shaft groove
Low 24mm bow at 200mm
Pro: 24mm bow at 250mm

Stick bow 2018.png

90 Series

The pinnacle of our range, huge power with a softer feel thanks to new redesigned layup.

Finished with a carbon twill fabric, minimal clean graphics finished with a satin gloss


70 Series

Ideal for players looking for a softer feel, whilst still packing plenty of hitting power.

Updated with an improved layup and finished with a carbon twill fabric.

Minimal design with yellow outlines and satin gloss, make these sticks stand out from the crowd.


Pro Junior

Wonderful feel allowing your little super star to develop their skills, with 10% carbon providing ample hitting power. Moulded in our Pro Bow shape for all round play.

Pro Jr