Beikou 2019

Our range now covers all abilities and price ranges allowing anyone to fulfil their potential and not have their performance impacted by the high cost of equipment. It has been a long journey to design and produce our range of sticks, we hope you like them!

New for 2019

  • Improved layup (order and orientation of composites) with increased hitter power.

  • Improved grips now in black, providing increased grip and shock reduction

  • Minimal and bold design with satin gloss, to stand out from the crowd.

2019 bow shapes

We like to keep it simple, THREE shapes for all kinds of play, no silly names here

Drag: 24mm bow at 200mm thin head profile and shaft groove
Low 24mm bow at 200mm, low bow no groove
Pro: 24mm bow at 250mm, thin head and toe

90 Series

Huge power with a softer feel thanks to new redesigned layup.

Finished with a carbon twill fabric, minimal clean graphics finished with a satin gloss.


Drag 90
Low 90
Pro 90

75 Series

Ideal for players looking for a softer feel, whilst still packing plenty of hitting power.

Updated with increased carbon content and improved layup for increased power.

Minimal design and satin gloss, make these sticks stand out from the crowd.


Drag 75
Low 75
Pro 75

50 series ideal intermediate level sticks or for senior players who prefer the softer side of life. Updated for 2019 with our new styling, and carbon fabric finish for extra power and durability.

Prefer the old styling? Well save some ££ and pick one up. Same amazing performance different styling.

 Our new intermediate stick, boasts 25% Carbon content for added power, our Pro Bow shape with a thin stick head perfect for learning 3D skills, and comes in two distinct colours to suit any taste. This range is ideal of school players or promising juniors.

Pro Junior

Here at Beikou we understand the importance of junior hockey, and the need to provide the correct equipment to enable development. Our junior sticks have been simplified in to a single range available in three distinct colour designs. 

The PRO JR range comprises of  10% carbon sticks in our Pro shape, giving budding young superstars a powerful stick to begin their journey

The Wall

Light, strong, agile.

A no nonsense sticks for no nonsense goalkeepers

Nothing gets past The Wall

Updated with our new bold graphics style, no one will miss you or your stick.

The Wall

For those Goalies after a straight stick we still have you covered. Take your pick from any of the sticks below.