Beikou Custom

Welcome to Beikou custom, this has been a three year dream to offer custom sticks at a fair price and we are finally ready.

Sticks are available in 90% or 70% carbon, with either of our 3 shapes, DRAG, LOW and PRO

Sticks are custom made to order, with delivery time approx. 3 weeks

Pricing is simple £55 custom charge + base stick price
90% base stick = £160
70% base stick = £120

How to order

1. Use the interactive designer below to build your own masterpiece

- At the final stage of the designer a code will be copied to your device clipboard

2. Add the Custom Design product to your cart

- A product form will appear on your screen, paste the code in to this form

3. Select your Carbon % stick base, add to cart

4. After checkout, you will receive an email confirming your design


Custom colour range (click to enlarge)

Bow shapes (click to enlarge)


Step 1.

Stick Designer

 For the best experience please use a large resolution screen, or use your device in landscape.

Paint Scheme
Paint Zone A
Hook paint
Paint Zone B
Middle paint
Paint Zone C
Top paint


Step 2. Custom Design

Add Custom Design to cart, and paste the customiser code in to the popup form.

If you do not have a customiser code, head back up to the stick designer and follow all the steps


Custom Design
Add to Cart


Step 3. Stick Base

Select the Carbon content of your custom stick

90% Carbon - Huge power with a crisp touch

90% Custom Base
Add To Cart

70% Carbon - Smooth power with a softer touch

75% Custom Base
Add To Cart

Step 4.

Once your order is processed, we will contact you with a final design mockup for confirmation.

Once designs are finalised delivery will be in 3-4 weeks depending on your location.


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