Beikou (pronounced "Bay-Ko") comes from an ancient game "Daur Hockey" played by the Daur people of Inner Mongolia for the past 1000 years. Beikou means "stick with a curved root" and is made from the branches of an Oak tree, with the ball made from the root of an apricot tree.

These grassroot origins are what Beikou hockey stands for, the inspiration and aspiration is to create a grassroots brand. The technology may have changed, but offering premium quality equipment which enables individuals, clubs, and groups to enjoy the game of hockey is fundamental to our vision. 

Beikou Hockey is a new, fresh, grassroots focused company, providing quality sticks, clothing and accessories at sensible prices with a focus on giving back to the hockey community through clubs, players and coaches to help support and grow the game we all love. 

Here at Beikou we want to do more than simply sell the highest quality equipment, we also want to give back to the hockey community, to achieve this we support our game in the following ways.


Clubs are the beating heart of our sport, regardless of size and facilities they are vital to the growth and success of hockey providing the infrastructure and support to develop not only your game but yourself. Here at Beikou we understand the importance of the club environment and the pressures clubs face from seemingly never ending rising costs, so we are here to do something about that!

Our Offer

  • Club sponsorship, in return for displaying Beikou links and branding on club website, clubhouse etc
  • Club players receive unique discount code for use on Beikou website
  • Codes vary between 5%-15% discount
  • Club receives cashback for every senior and junior stick bought
  • Clubs also have access to bulk discount deals on balls, cones, junior sticks and clothing. 


Here at Beikou we are all players ourselves, we understand the needs of the modern player yet don't want to shell out over the odds for our gear. All of our equipment has been tested by players from all levels so you know it will work for you, allowing you to focus on your game. 

 Our Offer

  • Players have access to the highest quality equipment without the price tag
  • Loyal customers can build up discounts over time, earning up to 15% discount
  • 3 month warranty and free shipping on orders over £50


Coaches are the unsung heroes, standing in the freezing cold trying to get you to pass it back as you charge forward on yet another mazy run. Without these characters driving you and your team forward hockey would not be the game it is today. We understand the needs of coaches and how the right equipment is often hard to come by, coaches should be able to focus on their session not worrying about their equipment.

Our Offer

  • Coaches packs including all the coaching necessities at wonderfully low prices
  • Free coaching blog to keep you up to date with the latest news.
  • Full details coming soon!

Interested in what we can do for you or your club? Simply get in touch below!

So how can we offer all this?
Its simple, we don't have a huge warehouse, we don't have sponsored international players to pay, we don't have fancy branded cars to drive around in, we are just hockey players like you.

3 Month Warranty
We have absolute faith in our products so we offer a 3 month warranty on all items, if it breaks we will replace it, simple as that. Click here for full warranty info

Money Back Guarantee
If for some reason you don't like our products, we offer a 30 day money back no questions asked guarantee.

Orders over £50 are delivered free within the UK. Click here for full shipping info

Highest Quality Materials
All of our gear is made to last, we have sourced the highest quality materials to make up our products.

So now you know who we are and what we stand for, why not explore our range and help us grow hockey together