Welcome to the Beikou 2016 stick collection, sorry to keep you all waiting but we hope you'll agree its certainly worth the wait. Our goal is still to offer a range of sticks to suit all levels of play, whilst continuing to push the performance of our sticks at prices that are affordable to all.

All our new 2016 sticks are now available for sale below, all 90 Series receiving a free Hoodie. 

New for 2016 we have the following:

  • All 90 Series stick have a new Braided Carbon outer sleeve, this helps to increase hitting power and stick durability. 
  • New Drag shape, featuring thin head profile and low bow with flicking groove in shaft
  • New Pro shape, perfect all-rounder's stick, smooth bow  with thin head profile for easier 3D skills.
  • New Pro Scoop shape, combing new Pro shape with concave face.

We believe in making things as clear as possible, and have named our sticks accordingly. Beikou sticks are divided into carbon series, determined by the Carbon Fibre %. Each series has its own unique characteristics, providing a range of power and feel to fit every player.

Senior Range

90 Series: Premium range of stiffest sticks, offering abundant hitting power with a silky smooth feel.
70 Series: Intermediate range delivering the perfect balance between soft feel and power
50 Series: Softest feeling senior stick, combining wonderfully smooth power with super soft feel.

Junior Range

Jr 30: Utilising 30% Carbon with 3 bold solid colour designs, the perfect stick for advanced juniors
Jr 10: With 10% Carbon and two exciting colour options, ideal starter stick for younger juniors.

All sticks come with complimentary chamois overgrip, in a colour of your choice.

Beikou sticks are now available in five distinct bow shapes, so whatever your preference we have something for you. To make your stick selection seamless, our bow shapes are colour coded across the senior range.

New for 2016 Drag Bow: 24mm curve at 20cm, super thin head profile, extreme bow and shaft groove

Low Bow: 24mm curve at 20cm with a smooth bow profile idea for 3D skills and reverse hits.

New for 2016 Pro Bow: 24mm curve at 25cm provides the perfect mix for hitting, flicking and dribbling skills. 

New for 2016 Pro Bow Scoop: 24mm curve at 25cm with concave face for flicking and 3D skills

Mid Bow: 24mm curve at 30cm, providing a more traditional continuous bow shape. 

The 90 Series is the pinnacle of our range, with a 90% carbon fibre content for massive power, 5% Aramid for added durability and 5% Glass fibre for increased feel, wrapped in a Braided Carbon sleeve. These elements are combined in our unique lay up to provide a truly distinctive smooth feel for such a high carbon stick. 

Sticks are finished with a braided carbon sleeve for added power and durability, with our minimal designs accented by shape specific stick face and embellishment. All sticks come fitted with foam under grip  for added feel and vibration reduction, as well as our white PU grip. 

90 Series sticks are available in all five of our shapes providing a stick to suit any player, all at an unmatched price

All 90 series sticks come with a free hoodie, whilst stocks last.

70 Series, provides the perfect balance between feel and power thanks to its 70% Carbon Fibre content, 10% Aramid and 20% Glass Fibre. These sticks still pack plenty of power, whilst the soft feel is ideal for intermediate level players. All sticks are finished bold colour rear, clear matt coating on the face exposing the carbon weave added for extra durability, and come with foam under grip to help remove unwanted vibrations. 

70 Series sticks are available in DRAG, LOW, PRO, and MID shapes.

Pro 70 2016
85.00 105.00
Low 70 2016
85.00 105.00
Mid 70 2016
85.00 105.00

The  Indoor 10 is the perfect all rounder for those looking to develop their indoor game.
With  10% carbon content, it has the perfect mix of stiffness and feel enhanced by our Pro bow the ideal shape for the indoor game. 

Available in TWO distinct colours schemes for 2016, take your pick form Black and Yellow or Black and Blue!

The Wall is perfect for  goalies of any level, featuring a curved face profile, extra large hook head, and 10% Carbon Fibre for reinforcement.  

The super light construction allows for faster movement to make those reaction saves.

Available in TWO colour schemes and any length up to 36.5".




The Wall

The 50 Series returns with two bright and bold colour options ideal for new players, advanced juniors or senior players who value super soft feel over raw power. With a composition of 50% Carbon Fibre, 10% Aramid and 40% Glass Fibre, this stick has more than enough for the modern game, with the bright and bold designs ensuring you will stand out on the pitch

50 Series is only available in our New PRO shape. We only offer this shape due to its all round nature, which we feel is perfect for this  level of stick.

Pro 50
55.00 85.00

Here at Beikou we understand the importance of junior hockey, and the need to provide the correct equipment to enable development. Our junior sticks are available in two distinct ranges, each with  bold and distinct colour designs. 

The 2016 Junior range features the popular 30% carbon sticks, available in three bold colours to suit any junior, whilst the Jr 10 is an upgraded version of last years Grasshopper range, giving budding young superstars a more powerful stick

Junior 30
40.00 60.00
Junior 10
25.00 35.00