Drag 70 2016

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Drag 70 2016


RRP £135
Carbon: 70%
Shape: Drag Bow
Weight: 550-570g
Feel: Soft
Power: Stiff

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Our new Drag mould was inspired by players who kept telling us they wanted a lightweight low bow flicking machine, so we made one! The new shape, features a wonderfully low bow, concave shaft groove that is deep enough to guide your flicks, but shallow enough to not impact your slapping. We love it and we hope you do to!

  • Composition: 70% Carbon / 10% Aramid / 20% Fibreglass, finished with carbon wrap for added durability and power
  • Drag Bow: 24mm curve at 200m our ultimate drag flicking weapon, the distinct bow aids players in generating higher ball speed and adding distance to overheads
  • Concave stick groove, helps to guide the ball for improved accuracy, whilst not impeding hitting performance
  • Soft feel achieved through lower carbon content combined with our unique layup, providing a soft touch with plenty of power
  • Foam grip underlay helps to reduce unwanted vibrations
  • High Balance point providing a lighter pick up, allowing for faster hand speed and dribbling
  • Distinctive yellow design finished with matt coating and touch compound providing superior ball control
  • Complimentary chamois overgrip ensuring you get a grip, even in the worst conditions