Everyone is different, why shouldn't your stick be?

We love our designs, but everyone is different. We love creating new designs, colour schemes and patterns. But not everyone loves Yellow like we do, so if you want a black and white stick, or you really want a full purple wonder stick here is your chance. 

To help us test our process we are running a free custom stick competition on Instagram.
Simply follow the instructions on the post below to be in with a chance to win. 
Draw will be made 1 Jan 2018

The plan

Our plan is simple, offer the same high performance sticks but with your own design for an affordable price. No huge fees, no limits on carbon content, any bow shape you want. We are still finalising the system and website, with the aim of going live in early 2018. 

To allow for all budgets and different player needs we plan to have the following custom options

Custom 1: Any 90/70 stick, with any stock logos and paint, plus your name/number = +£10
eg. So you could order a Pro 90, but have Red Low 70 rear logo, purple head face paint

Custom 2: 90/70 stick, stock logo, Custom paint and your name and number = +£15
eg. Low 70, with purple rear logo. Entire back of stick is painted blue. 

Custom 3: 90/70 stick. Custom Logos front and rear, custom paint and name/number =+£30
This is a full custom option, you can decide what logos, what colour what paint. Anything (within reason)

Prices above are estimates these may change at launch