Beikou 2017

Welcome to the Beikou 2017 stick collection, sorry to keep you all waiting but we hope you'll agree its certainly worth the wait. 

New for 2017 we have the following:

  • A completely reworked layup (order and orientation of composites) delivering supreme feedback with an abundance of hitting power.
  • Rubber end caps, providing vibration dampening with increased durability.
  • Simplified range of shapes offering Drag, Low or Pro

2017 bow shapes

Drag: 24mm bow at 200mm, featuring thin head profile and shaft groove
Low 24mm bow at 200mm
Pro: 24mm bow at 250mm

90 Series

The pinnacle of our range, huge power with a softer feel thanks to new redesigned layup.

Finished with a carbon twill fabric, bold gradient logo and deep matt gloss. 


Drag 90 2017
110.00 150.00
Low 90 2017
110.00 150.00
Pro 90 2017
110.00 150.00

70 Series

Ideal for players looking for a softer feel, whilst still packing plenty of hitting power.

Updated with a new layup for 2017, finished with a carbon twill fabric.

Bold gradient logo, yellow outlines and deep matt gloss, make these sticks stand out from the crowd.


Drag 70 2017
80.00 110.00
Low 70 2017
80.00 110.00
Pro 70 2017
80.00 110.00

The Wall
35.00 45.00

The Wall 

Our aptly named Goal Keeper stick is light weight with a super slim blade profile. The curved face and extra large hook head provide plenty of stopping area. 

Available in two colours Blue or Purple.

Nothing gets past The Wall.

But what about the other sticks?

The rest of our range will be released soon, keep your eyes peeled for the newest items!